To cater to our clients’ needs, we have installed a wide range of industry-standard softwares.

In our pre-press environment, we recognise the fact that not all clients adopt technology at the same pace. Our facility provides traditional prepress method of film impositioning and plate-making, in conjunction with our digital prepress environment of electronic impositioning, computer-to-film (CtF), and computer-to-plate (CtP).

Implementation of automated workflow and constant upgrading of hardware not only helped to increase efficiency and productivity but also offer quality prints with a difference using hybrid screening (Spekta2) as well as FM screening.

The determination to provide better serviceability and value has driven C.O.S. Printers in Singapore to adopt the print process standard ISO 12647-2 (Sheet-fed Offset) and digital proofing standards ISO 12647-7 (Proofing) both calibrated to the Fogra39L colour profile.