Coffee Table Books and Travel Guides

For rich coloured and elaborate photos of destinations, iconic and symbolic places, art or hobbies or collections that uses pictures more than words to tell a story, a proud display or just a conversational piece during entertainment, coffee table books are a special print product for remarkable pleasure reading.

Coffee table books and travel guides need high level of details (e.g. maps) and consistencies (e.g. on the banner), C.O.S. Printers has the right equipment to meet these requirements through advanced technological machineries including the use of Image Control by Heidelberg to automatically adjust the colours.

If you are looking for that extra touch, you could also opt for the wide array of special finishings such as cloth-bound with jackets, foil printing, embossing or even include slipcases.

We are happy to embark on your project and explore with you the various paper materials and printing styles that will complement your vibrant content.

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