Digital Printing

Digital printing, in comparison to offset printing, is a simplified method of printing. It does not require the use of printing plates, but prints digital data directly onto paper or paperboard.

Since there is less process for setup, fixed cost of production is very insignificant and therefore makes it a fast and cost effective solution for small print runs. Because it prints directly from digital data, it is capable of variable data printing.

This means, if you need to print an individually addressed letter to 1000 people, of course you could have more, digital printing handles that with ease. Print-on-Demand (POD) – Print when you need it, print what you need is an obvious advantage. It aligns with many companies’ philosophy of reducing logistics cost by adopting Just-In-Time (JIT) method of handling inventory.

Again, digital printing comes in sheet-fed or web-fed. Most commonly available are the sheet-fed digital printers. It offers more flexibility to change and suit customers’ requirement.

Some disadvantage of digital printing would be limitation in printing sizes which is limited to approximately 12 inches x 18 inches paper size, limitation to thickness of paper and not all papers that are printed on offset can be printed on the digital printers. Quality is not as superior as offset printing, but it is improving all the time and has reached a highly satisfactory level.

As a digital printing company, C.O.S. Printers offers superior corporate printing solutions in Sheet-fed digital printing. The company has solutions for mono printing and as well as colour printing. Typical products printed on digital printers are printing for book publishers like novels and autobiographies, brochures, flyers, calendar printing, manuals printing, guidebooks, Annual Reports or Financial Reports, newsletters printing and all book-type products that are required in small quantities. Because digital printing is capable of handling variable data printing, we can also produce certificates, letters, serialized products, etc…

Overall, having a digital printing setup complements our offset printing setup. Together, they form a synergistic facility that creates value for our customers and also increases our serviceability.