Our Mission

From positions of firm mutual trust grow long term relationship of substantial mutual benefit.

C.O.S. Printers works on a set of core values and methodology. These values and methodology are the basis for instilling continuous improvement in performance on areas of customer-driven quality, innovation focus, organisational learning, valuing people and partners.

As a medium-sized digital printing company, C.O.S. is able to adjust with minimal resistance to customise requirements for our partners. Also, the commercial printing company emphasizes on keeping itself abreast with trends of our customers’ needs, acquisition of latest technology for production, and sourcing new raw materials and consumables.

Our success built on these core values will persist into the future.

Our People

As a Singapore printing company we value our strengths; our people is one of them. We value our highly energetic and creative teams who work hand-in-hand to achieve high levels of productivity.

We believe in providing exposure beyond the physical boundaries of the company, to encourage our staff to build a working relationship both inside and outside office environment to enhance overall work experience. By empowering them in their areas of operations, it creates a sense of belonging and identity, ownership and responsibility.

Our people. Our asset.

Our Edge

In this “EDGE”, we are committed to equip ourselves with the finest litho printing equipment and machineries to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Installation of new systems to replace old equipment is an important routine to keep our facility cutting edge.
We have been successful in implementing continuity of technology updates and upgrades. Even so, older technologies are not totally phased out, but sometimes used in conjunction with modern equipment, complementing each other to provide best value for our clients.

Continuous investment plans are crucial for us to ensure that our clients get what they deserve.

Delivery & Distribution

Whether it is one local address drop-off, an island-wide distribution, or even an overseas delivery by air or sea, C.O.S. Printers and its business partners can provide your delivery needs without hassle.


C.O.S. connects the world via internet. Similarly, the world can connect with C.O.S. with the internet.

With Singapore’s excellent communication infra- structure, high-speed broadband enables effective way of digital data retrieval and submission through FTP sites, hence, saves on courier expenses and most importantly, time.

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